staffordshire bone china tea set
staffordshire bone china tea set
staffordshire bone china tea set

1. Vintage Windsor 'Eastern Melody' Staffordshire Bone China Tea Set (Complete)


A vintage Windsor 'Eastern Melody' staffordshire bone china tea set. Complete set of six cups, saucers, plates, milk jug and *sugar bowl. Circa. 1962.

A lovely design with gold foilage and Chinese lady in red. White, pleated and scalloped circular bone china tea plates. Edged with gilding. Manufactured by Windsor Bone China, Staffordshire, England. Clear matching, black back stamps to all pieces.

Condition: Mint condition (never used). No chips or cracks. *Unfortunately the sugar bowl has been damaged. All the pieces are there, it just need glueing together!

Dimensions: Tea plate diameters 6.25" / 16 cm.

Provenance: Ex. Private collection, Hampshire, UK.


Staffordshire Porcelain

As a region, Staffordshire became the hub for many English porcelain makers and manufactories because of its close proximity to the source of Devonshire clay, a prime ingredient in the formula for most types of English porcelain. Its location was also central to major water and land transports of the time, which is another important consideration when deciding where to establish a manufacturing facility. And then there is also the small detail that it just happened to be the region where the first potteries started in the early 1700's, and grew into an industry from that first seed or two. English porcelain was a mix of several types of porcelain, and with the diversity of potteries and porcelain makers in Staffordshire it is no wonder that recognized Staffordshire pieces can be any one of many varieties.

As porcelain makers began using the Devonshire white clay their porcelain formulations became known as soft-paste or salt-glazed porcelain. This process produced a sturdy utilitarian type of porcelain and was the predominate output for many years. As porcelain makers worked to improve their formulas, a new combination using bone ash was discovered. This led to the production of a porcelain called bone-china, which was harder and more elegant looking, and more like the revered Chinese porcelain that set the standards for fine porcelain. Even the name, bone-china, references it's similarity to Chinese porcelain, and bone-china remains the type of porcelain most associated with Staffordshire today. Staffordshire porcelain remains very popular antique porcelain for sale.

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