Silver Dachshund Pin Cushion
Silver Dachshund Pin Cushion
Silver Dachshund Pin Cushion

8. Very Rare Solid Silver Dachshund Pin Cushion

'Edwardian (early 20th Century)'

A very fine and rare antique Edwardian hallmarked sterling silver pin cushion in the form of a dachshund. Superbly modelled and very tactile. It retains its original cushion and stands firmly on four legs. Edwardian (early 20th century).

With novelty silver, weight is almost irrelevant. Hundreds, even a thousand pounds an ounce is not untypical for the rare pieces. This is a collectors' market where participants compete for famous makers, for design flair and for the imagery and the symbolism which attaches to well known forms. I hardly ever see dog pin cushions and this is definitely the best I have seen. Top quality with super detail. Uncleaned.

Condition: Fine, uncleaned condition. Tiny loss to tip of tail. The velvet cushion has faded but could easily be recoloured.

Dimensions: 5.7cm.

Provenance: Ex. Barbara Dawkins collection, Mayfair, London, UK. Barbara was companion to one of the Schroder family, who settled in London and founded the investment bank Schroders. She travelled all over the world during the 1950's and 1960's, often on the great liners like the Queen Mary 1 and Queen Elizabeth 1. She purchased antiques and curios during her travels which have passed by descent, in this case to her niece.


Novelty Silver

The subject of novelty silver is often an animal. However, the craftsmanship of these pieces is overwhelmingly impressive. Additionally, antique pieces of novelty silver are renowned for their unique, one of a kind style and design. There are many different types of novelty silver. However the most collectable tend to be small items of silverware, such as animals, condiments and cruets, or christening gifts.

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