Miniature Perfume Bottles
Miniature Perfume Bottles

3. Miniature Perfume Bottles (4)


Four miniature perfume bottles, The first bottle I believe is Nina Ricci Capricci Miniature – This bottle has lost its front label but has Lalique France impressed on the underside of the Bottle. The third bottle has a sticker on the front with the name QUADRILLE BALENCIAGA (Paris France) and I believe the name BALENCIAGA is impressed on the underside of the bottle but difficult to see. With two other decorative miniature bottles.

All in mint condition, the bottles are glass. Very pretty little decorative items for any collection. They smell wonderful!

Condition: Mint. No chips or cracks.

Dimensions: Approximate height 5.2cm, 4.6cm, 5.2cm, 5.5cm.

Provenance: Ex. collection, Hampshire, UK.


Lalique Perfume Bottles

In 1905, Lalique opened a retail store in the Place Vendome in Paris. Lalique would keep this location for 30 years until 1935, when he moved it to 11 Rue Royal. Fortuitously, his new Place Vendome store was located very close to the shop of the perfume seller, Francois Coty. By 1908 René Lalique had already made significant experiments with the use of glass in his jewelry and in decorative objects, and it was that year that he designed the first perfume bottle labels and then the bottles themselves, for Francois Coty, changing the face of the perfume business forever. Prior to this time, perfume bottles were just plain flasks that held expensive perfumes. But with the invention of synthetic oils that could be used to mass-produce perfume, René Lalique saw the potential to take a plain everyday object and turn it into an art object. He became the preeminent manufacturer of perfume bottles, designing and producing hundreds of Lalique perfume bottles for dozens of firms. His very first designs for Coty were made by Legras Glassworks, but Lalique also rented a glass factory in 1908/1909 in the small town of Combs-la-Ville, a factory he would purchase by 1913. This confirmed his transition from designer and manufacturer of jewelry and objects d'art, to designer and manufacturer of glass objects.

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